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Monthly Archives: April 2016

    How To Compete With and Defeat Other Homebuyers’ Offers

    By Galand Haas | April 26, 2016

    Good Monday Morning! Right now the Real Estate market in the Eugene and Springfield area is highly competitive.  Record low mortgage interest rates, a renewed interest in our area from out of state buyers and an extremely low inventory of homes for sale has made our current market very challenging for buyers.  The following is... Read More

    Mortgage Loan Mistakes Than Can Cost You Money

    By Galand Haas | April 21, 2016

    Good Morning! With mortgage loans remaining at historic low levels and the brisk housing market, I find many home buyers making huge mortgage loan mistakes.  Here is a recent article from “Realty Times”, that just might help you if you are in the market for a mortgage loan. For most buyers, the mortgage is the... Read More

    This Month in Real Estate April 2016

    By Galand Haas | April 11, 2016

    Good Monday Morning! Nationally, home sales  dipped in March of this year slightly.  Could this be the beginning of a down turn in the national housing market?  Economic numbers for the first quarter did not look great and this could be having some effect on home sales.  Most likely we will not be seeing any... Read More

    Homes Sales Continue to Climb

    By Galand Haas | April 4, 2016

    Good Monday Morning! It is Spring in the Eugene and Springfield area and this time of year typically brings higher interest by buyers looking to purchase a home.  This year is certainly no exception as home sales in the Eugene and Springfield area continue to climb.  In fact at this time I believe that there... Read More